Tuesday, 23 February 2010

afghanistan casualties: western media lie


source: rense.com

Pentagon Continues To Hide US Afghan War Losses

By Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki


Dear Jeff,

The American casualty figure is quite high, but they lie about it. For example, if you remember a few weeks back the corporate media reported that a translator shot dead two US soldiers in Maidan Wardak province. The truth was otherwise.

The US forces went to a village and searched houses. They were no men in the houses, so the Americans pulled the women out. The Afghan women yelled at the Afghan Army puppets, "Why don't you remove us from our houses instead of these "infidels"? You are not men or Afghans!"
Once the the Afghan army soldiers heard this, their commander ordered the troops to open fire on the Americans. There were 100 Afghan soldiers. They shot 25 American soldiers dead and many were wouded. The soldiers fought agaist the US troops from 2 am to 10 AM the next morning until the US airplanes bombed the soldiers positions and killed four of the Afghan troops. The remainig soldiers and their commander retreated to the mountains and joined the Taliban. The Afghan translator also opened fire on the Afghan soldiers and they shot him back.

So, this is a glipmse into the facts hidden by the government. The person telling about the US casualties of 25 soldiers killed in Maidan province visited the site of the fighting. In Marjah, as well, 15,000 troops are fighting against only 300 fighters, yet they are brought to their kees.
One more thing...since that incident, there has been a steady stream of Afghan policemen and soldiers joining the resistance in Maidan-Wardak Province

Dr. Mohammed Miraki

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