Friday, 20 March 2009

"boliVarian" decALoguE for a world constitution



"If we want to save the planet, we have to put an end
to and eradicate the capitalist model"

Ten Commandments:

1. Put an end to the capitalist system

2. Renounce wars

3. A world without imperialism or colonialism

4. The right to water

5. Development of clean energies

6. Respect Mother Earth

7. Treat basic services as human rights

8. Fight inequalities

9. Promote diversity of cultures and economies

10. Live well, not live better at the expense of

-Evo Morales, President of Bolivia


  1. Why is it that people think that freedom, liberty and happiness can only be granted by the most corrupt and restrictive of governments? Look at nature, the best way to manage any eco system is to leave it alone. America has destroyed millions of acres of wilderness with their management. This issue was resolved in Russia between 1918 and 1990. This micro-managed system failed and destroyed hundreds of millions of lives. Russia was a hell-hole that people risked their lives to leave. Even China has learned a lesson from Hong Kong. Give people freedom and they will be a hundred times more productive than when they were in slavery. Only power hungry demigods spew this crap now. Anyone with half a brain knows socialism only destroys lives and lowers productivity and living standards.

  2. Art-Thanks for the link its appreciated. i read all of the article that was available when i clicked through on the link and then I was wandering around your blog. Its astonishing isn't just how blatant the non-enforcement has become? Anyhow a well researched piece from you. Presumably you picked up about the 7 year time frame that Germany have been given for delivery of their gold? It is all just getting ridiculous
    Please accept my appreciation for your erudition and dedication. I would like to include your blog on a daily blogroll list in future if that is okay by you. Folks need to be reading material with depth such as I have found here.
    Best wishes,
    Carol x