Friday, 16 March 2012

15 to 20 us soldiers committed civilian massacre

updated march 17, 14:27 CET

Probe team: Women sexually assaulted before killing in Panjwai ...

before the gun attack, US soldiers physically manhandled the two women and later turned their weapons on the helpless residents

By Absin Zaheer

Relatives sat in shock in a van also carrying the bodies of their kin wrapped in blankets

In shock: Relatives sat in shock in a van carrying the bodies of their kin wrapped in blankets. (Photo: EPA)

US soldiers were alleged to have sexually assaulted two female victims before they were killed in the Panjwai massacre in southern Kandahar last Sunday, a high-level Afghan probe team revealed.

The Wolesi Jirga’s, or lower house of Parliament, delegation investigating the Kandahar shootings by US troops said besides killing 16 civilians, the soldiers sexually assaulted them.

On the ill-fated Sunday, US troops shot 16 civilians, including nine children and three women, and injured five others when they opened fire on houses in Zangabad village, in Panjwai district.

Some of the victims’ bodies were later set on fire.

The Wolesi Jirga members jointly probing the Panjwai episode, along with a government team, on Saturday presented their chilling findings to the general session of the Parliament.

MP Hamidzai Lali, representing Kandahar province and a delegation member, said before the gun attack, US soldiers physically manhandled the two women and later turned their weapons on the helpless residents.

Shakiba Hashami, another delegation member, confirmed the vicious attack, adding about 15 to 20 American soldiers were involved in the killings and even helicopters were seen hovering the areas.

Quoting local residents, Hashami, said ahead of the Sunday tragedy, there was a blast in the area and foreign troops had warned of revenge killings.

The Afghan Parliamentarians strongly condemned the incident and demanded a public trial for the perpetrators.

US officials had claimed a mentally unstable soldier was responsible for the killings and pledged to put him on trial. Recent media reports said the suspect, in his late 30s, was initially transferred to Kuwait and later flown to the US where he is being interrogated.

Up to 20 US troops executed Panjwai massacre: probe

KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): A parliamentary probe team on Thursday said up to 20 American troops were involved in Sunday’s killing of 16 civilians in southern Kandahar province.

The probing delegation includes lawmakers Hamidzai Lali, Abdul Rahim Ayubi, Shakiba Hashimi, Syed Mohammad Akhund and Bismillah Afghanmal, all representing Kandahar province at the Wolesi Jirga and Abdul Latif Padram, a lawmaker from northern Badakhshan province, Mirbat Mangal, Khost province, Muhammad Sarwar Usmani, Farah province.

The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district.

Hamizai Lali told Pajhwok Afghan News their investigation showed there were 15 to 20 American soldiers, who executed the brutal killings.

“We closely examined the site of the incident, talked to the families who lost their beloved ones, the injured people and tribal elders,” he said.

He added the attack lasted one hour involving two groups of American soldiers in the middle of the night on Sunday.

“The villages are one and a half kilometre from the American military base. We are convinced that one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time, and the 16 civilians, most of them children and women, have been killed by the two groups.”

Lali asked the Afghan government, the United Nations and the international community to ensure the perpetrators were punished in Afghanistan.

He expressed his anger that the US soldier, the prime suspect in the shooting, had been flown out of Afghanistan to Kuwait.

He said the people they met had warned if the responsible troops were not punished, they would launch a movement against Afghans who had agreed to foreign troops’ presence in Afghanistan under the first Bonn conference in 2001.

The lawmaker said the Wolesi Jirga would not sit silent until the killers were prosecuted in Afghanistan. "If the international community does not play its role in punishing the perpetrators, the Wolesi Jirga would declare foreign troops as occupying forces, like the Russians," Lali warned.

President Hamid Karzai on Thursday asked the US to pull out all its troops from Afghan villages in response to the killings.


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  1. Is there any other countries than those of USA France England killing children and women for FUN and PROFIT$. SHAME is for murderers Their fear is waiting in the shadows and is a ravenous beast from which there is no escape.

  2. It all seems very clear to me ..

    What are the Yanks doing in Aghanistan ?

    It surely cannot be about instilling freedummy and democrappy .. it seems to me that the lower ranks have absorbed the orders from their commanders.

    1. An astute moral observation. Using the phrase "absorbed the orders" is so fantastically descriptive of a metaphysic. A dog may not understand the human language spoken to it but this subbordinate being will, after a few years, take on the attributes of its master. dw

    2. They are there to guard poppy production and not allow local interference. This tactic is similar to the way the Nazi SS tried to suppress resistance? An attack on the military is punished by murdering civilians.

  3. 20 soldiers, 1 hour, 16 dead..??? Not a very good score, sounds like BS to me.

    If oscumma had a brain, he would pull all troops out and let that prehistoric cesspool go straight to Hell, which is obviously where they want to be.

    1. Your comment shows your primitive attitude towards human life. Prehistoric cesspool, you say? The pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Neil -Chicago, IL17 March 2012 at 16:57

    Quoting 'Anonymous', "20 soldiers, 1 hour, 16 dead..??? Not a very good score, sounds like BS to me."

    Unfortunately this is reflective of the depth of intellect and empathy of American mass consciousness today that is allowing these kinds of realities to manifest. First of all regarding the "score" comment, you forgot that it takes time to sexually assault women in front of their husbands. This wasn't a "run and gun" operation.

    Secondly, we should not rule out any possibility until ballistic and DNA reports surface. (I can only hope)

    Finally, the potential for cover-up is high if this were actually a 'tit for tat' US death squad revenge killing. No way would we hear anything about that if that were the case. It would hamper Uncle Sham's UNHOLY crusade, right?
    And the best they could do was drag out the 'lone gunman' theory again? Things are not what they seem.

    1. People like you make me laugh and cry at the same time. On one hand you want all these great and glorious things for everybody but on the other you are not willing to accept that not everyone wants it. I do think we should pull out of Afghanistan now and let them have it. After this occurs I hope that all the people that were opposed will shut the hell up about all of the attrocities that occur there.
      If you are a citizen of the United States then you are "uncle Sham"!

  5. Ship out the soldier that initiated (caused, did) the deed. Commanders ain't dumb. Time will take care of the rest, unless this a 'My lai' masscre. Is the press and the public gonna do it?

  6. I hope HELL has enough room for these evil bastards who commit such attrocities.

  7. What if the only guy on the squad who wanted to attone for his involvement was in fact the lone gun,man and who was spirited away before implicating more comrades.

  8. "If the international community does not play its role in punishing the perpetrators, the Wolesi Jirga would declare foreign troops as occupying forces, like the Russians," Lali warned.

    It's all here, predicted two years ago:

  9. From Canada: Just a question. Is it not time for the world population to wake up to all the atrocities committed in any and all countries that are occupied by U.S. and British military personel? One would think that there is enough people in the world to be able to shut the U.S.of A. down. What is so damn special about the U.S. and why is every-one so afraid of them?
    Wake-up world population the U.S.of A. is not your friend it is the greatest
    enemy of the world.

  10. Now now boys and girls. You all know 'we' cannot let the control or destruction of the poppy fall into anothers control. Then there are the added bennies of pipelines to India and away from China, the gems and other resources... It does seem far more feasible for more than one to have shot up the place in a murderous frenzy. With how many thought or known to have been raped?? Yes equals more than one killer and rapist. Sometimes the obvious needs pointed out. We should never have gone in there. After the Taliban asked one simple question, just show them UBL had a role in what they claimed, but he didn't have a role and they couldn't show that he did have one. The liars that dressed up as others and attacked the USA in 2001, were insiders and outsiders working together, framing and accusing those they attacked. Thank you, Dr. Meatwad

    A dead homeless guy in a New York alley gets more police attention than those major 911 crimes did. What we were handed was obstruction of justice by the accusers.

  11. Blood must pay for blood...Right?