Friday, 30 May 2008

mosley sex party leads to mi5 resignation


MI5 spy quits over scandal

Herald Sun (Australia)

Staff reporters

May 19, 2008

AN MI5 officer has resigned after admitting his wife was a prostitute who took part in a Nazi-style orgy with Formula One racing chief Max Mosley.

The man was a surveillance operative with several years of service.
His wife, 38, is believed to have approached the News of the World when she realised that Mr Mosley, a regular client, had booked five hookers for a sex session costing pound stg. 2500.
The paper’s report and pictures of the orgy led to calls for Mr Mosley to step down from his post as president of the FIA, the governing body of world motorsport.
Spy agency MI5 has denied the orgy was a sting it had set up to discredit Mr Mosley.
A government official confirmed that an MI5 officer had left the agency after his wife’s involvement became known.
« We do expect high standards of behaviour from all staff at all times, both professionally and privately, »’ the official told The Times.
« In any case where a member of staff is believed to have fallen below those standards, action will be taken. »
The officer was believed to be in his 40s and to have served in the military before joining MI5, where he was involved in surveillance operations, the paper reported.
He had responsibility for watching al-Qaida suspects, Russian spies, crime bosses and drug lords.
The disclosure raises questions about why the service’s vetting procedures failed to discover an agent’s wife was a prostitute, leaving him open to blackmail attempts.
Mr Mosley, 68 and married since 1960, is one of the most powerful men in world sport. He says he has no need to apologise for the orgy as his sex life is private and does not affect his work.
The F1 boss’s five-hour sex session with the five call girls took place in an underground torture chamber in Chelsea, west London.
The Oxford-educated former barrister is alleged to have re-enacted a concentration camp scene in which he played the role of guard and inmate.
The session is alleged to have involved prostitutes dressed as German officers and camp inmates.
It was secretly caught on video by one of the girls, who used the name Mistress Abi.
Sources said it was Abi’s husband who worked for MI5.
Mr Mosley told the Daily Telegraph: « This is an astonishing piece of information, which I will be passing on to my legal advisers. »
Mr Mosley has denied there were any Nazi implications in the orgy and is suing the News of the World.
He faces a confidence vote of FIA members to decide his future in Paris on June 3.

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