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international finance storms ukraine

January 2-4, 2009

Ukraine dipping into IMF funds while Soros is shorting the hryvnia

The outgoing Bush administration, echoing the anti-Russian lobby in Washington, DC (which, not coincidentally, comprise some of the same people in the pro-Israel lobby), is condemning Russia's Gazprom's cut-off of natural gas to Ukraine. Gazprom maintains that Ukraine owes it $2.1 billion for past gas deliveries. Ukraine has threatened to seize gas bound for the European Union in retaliation. Russia has called the threat blackmail by Kiev against Russia and the EU nations that receive gas via pipeline from Russia via Ukraine.

As with anything where billions of dollars are at at issue expect to find the hidden hands of George Soros and his ultimate bosses, the Rothschild banking family.

WMR has learned that Soros has been speculating on the Ukrainian hryvnia, resulting in the currency dropping by 38 percent in value. With a crashing currency, it is of little surprise that the Russians are fully aware of Soros' and the Rothschilds' currency scams in Ukraine and want to be paid for their past deliveries of natural gas to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has hired the Blackstone Group and Credit Suisse to help her secure $16.5 billion in funds from the International Monetary Fund, which is headed by Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Randall Rothschild is a Managing Director for the Blackstone Group and Lord Nathaniel Jacob Rothschild is a former board member. Blackstone was founded by Peter Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman in 1985 and it has since become one of the world's largest private equity funds, which now means it is a tax-dodging scam run by and for billionaires. Blackstone is derived from the "Schwarz" in Schwarzman name, which is German for "black" and "Peter," Peterson's first name, which is Greek for "stone."

Peterson is a former secretary of commerce who was chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) until 2007. Schwarzman is a former head of global mergers and aquisitions for Lehman Brothers, which filed for bankruptcy in September as a result of the global financial meltdown. Soros' Soros Fund Management and Quantum Fund and Peterson's and Schwarzman's Blackstone Group are linked together not only by their ties to the Rothschilds but by their membership in the CFR.

The financial physics at play are that Soros shorts the Ukrainian hryvnia and then Ukraine is forced to hire Blackstone as advisers to get IMF loans and grants. The net result is that Strauss-Kahn helps to line the pockets of the Rothschilds and everyone benefits. That is, everyone but the Ukrainian people whose government cannot pay for Russian gas shipments in the middle of the winter when the gas is most needed. William Shakespeare could not have dreamt that his "Shylock" character could have come up with such an insidious scam to exact not pounds but tons of flesh.

In January 1999, the CFR established a Commission on International Future Financial Architecture. The commission was tasked with coming up with plans to change the international financial architecture and how it should be done. The commission was reacting to collapsing economies in such countries as Brazil, Thailand, Argentina, and Malaysia. It was Soros' currency speculation that led to many of the national financial collapses.

Members of the CFR commission included Peterson, Soros, American International Group's (AIG) Hank Greenberg, later-9/11 commission co-chair Lee Hamilton, Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, William Rhodes of Citicorp/Citigroup, George David of United Technologies, Kenneth Dam of the University of Chicago, Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and incoming Obama financial advisers Paul Volcker and Laura Tyson. The commission also included recent Nobel Economics Prize winner Paul Krugman.

What appeared to be a "commission" in 1999 now looks more like a list of co-conspirators.

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