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anti-paedophile police copter crashes


Dead Cambodian police chief changed sides on human trafficking front and died in chopper crash

November 12, 2008 -- Dead Cambodian police chief changed sides on human trafficking front and died in chopper crash
WMR has learned from our Asian intelligence sources that Cambodian police chief, General Hok Lundy, who had been accused of involvement in human trafficking by the U.S. State Department in February 2006 but was awarded a medal by the FBI for his role in fighting terrorism and was praised by U.S. ambassador to Cambodia Joseph Mussomeli for his cooperation in fighting « drug trafficking and human smuggling, » had changed sides in the human, mostly child, trafficking front and was shutting down a number of facilities in Cambodia used for purposes of child prostitution. Lundy died in a helicopter crash on November 9 in Svay Rieng province in the southeast of the country. Investigators are claiming the helicopter crash, which also killed the pilot, co-pilot, and Cambodian Army General Sok Sa Em, was due to bad weather. Cambodia’s Interior Ministry reported that radio contact was lost with the helicopter 15 minutes after it took off from Phnom Penh International
Airport at around 7:20 pm (1220 GMT). The helicopter reportedly caught fire before it crashed.
It was a far cry from 2004 when Lundy released several child traffickers after a child prostitution brothel on the outskirts of Phnom Penh was raided by police in December of that year.
Lundy was close to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and his daughter is married to one of Sen’s sons. Lundy was also seen as close to jailed GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff who opened a pipeline to supply young girls from Cambodia to Asian labor « sweat shops » on the island of Saipan in the U.S.-controlled Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.
It is significant that Lundy’s chopper went down after taking off from Phnom Penh airport. One of the first child prostitution activities shut down by Lundy was at an orphanage near Phnom Penh International. The airport received a number of private VIP charter flights and its proximity to the orphanage enabled high-level visitors from Western nations and Japan to engage in sexual activities with the orphanage’s children. WMR has learned that King Norodom Sihamoni and Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk persuaded Lundy to clean up his act and actively pursue child traffickers in Cambodia and their U.S. diplomat and intelligence agency protectors. The Queen Mother now funds the orphanage near the airport that was preyed upon by Western VIP pedophiles. One informed source told WMR that « I think the Chief [Lundy] was getting ready for the big roundup and thus was sent early to the angels up there. » The source said that Lundy was assassinated because « he
knew too much. »
After Lundy changed sides on the child trafficking and pedophile front, he moved first to seize computer video equipment that was used to produce child pornography. Lundy then went after a pedophile ring that involved a top CIA asset based in Tokyo and Bangkok and another individual linked to top U.S. State Department officials, including ambassadors, first secretaries, CIA « official cover » officers, and senior officials at the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters in Washington, DC.
A WMR source in Asia who has investigated U.S.-run pedophile rings in Southeast Asia stated, « the pedos were starting to see slippage, with one bust after the
other, and hints of pressure on their main pipeline for kids and kiddie porn.
It was his [Lundy’s] boys, after all, who shut down the satellite signals
tower at an orphanage used for pedophile activities, the main conduit for scrambled kiddie porn and pedo messaging with the kids. So he [Lundy] was especially dangerous, having watched and supposedly tolerated the high-ranking peds and then turning up the heat on them, with video evidence and a rising tide of busts, and finally the crackdown on the Internet porn line. »
Today, the London Guardian is reporting « The sudden death of a man [Lundy] who had made many enemies has sparked much speculation in Cambodia that the helicopter crash may not have been an accident. »
Lundy’s confrontation with senior U.S. government and intelligence officials over their use of Cambodia as a base for child prostitution and pedophile activities likely earned him a quick death sentence. The very first foreign policy priority of the Obama administration must be a thorough investigation of the CIA, the State Department, and pedophile activities and especially the role or lack thereof of Mark P. Lagon, the Director of the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

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