Sunday, 22 June 2008

cuba asks us for counter-terrorism cooperation

Cuba asks United States to help fight terrorism

June 18, 2008

UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL open debate on “Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts,” reported by Carla Stea

While the cost of the post 9/11 ‘War on Terror’ is estimated by Nobel Laureate economist George Stiglitz to approach several trillions of dollars, to be paid by U.S. taxpayers, and the members of the United Nations Security Council denounce terrorism in all its forms, little attention is given to the fact that the United States has harbored and protected international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, considered one of the most notorious terrorists of the western hemisphere.

Cuban Ambassador Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz stated before the Security Council on March 25, 2008: “ Cuba reiterates its request to the Security Council and to its Counter-Terrorism Committee to address in an expeditious manner the detailed information that our country has provided and to take all the relevant steps in accordance with the relevant adopted resolutions. In fulfillment of such resolutions, this organ must demand that the United States Government immediately sentence Luis Posada Carriles for his terrorist acts or extradite him to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , where he has been long wanted by the justice. The fight against terrorism should be carried out in full. Terrorism must be rejected in all circumstances. It will not be possible to eradicate terrorism if some terrorist acts are condemned while others are silenced, tolerated or justified, or simply the issue is manipulated to foster mean political interests. Double-standards and
impunity cannot prevail in addressing this sensitive issue. The Security council cannot continue to keep conspiratorial silence on this blatant affront to the victims of terrorism in the entire world”

Earlier Ambassador Diaz had stated: “For years our delegation has been submitting, on a regular basis, exhaustive and detailed information to the Security Council and the Counter-Terrorism Committee on the terrorist actions of several individuals and organizations against Cuba , and about the conspiratorial protection that the United States Government spares them. However, we do not know of any actions taken for a fact, not even to assess the information submitted, or of any investigation conducted on the several resolutions adopted by this organ that the United States has failed to meet. We have addressed this conference room more than once to alert to the release of the international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. The Counter-Terrorism Commission has been informed of this in a timely and comprehensive manner. Posada Carriles..was released last year, in spite of the fact that there was enough evidence linking him to some of the most infamous
crimes of the 20th century, including the downing of Flight 455 Cubana de Aviacion in 1976, the Iran-Contra scandal and the bombings in Havana hotels in 1997. Despite Posada Carriles’s notorious hideous actions, the US Government only charged him with minor migration crimes. That would have been the right time to indict such a notorious terrorist for his long criminal record. There is plenty of evidence to prove it. The FBI’s and the CIA’s classified documents, and the very confessions of Posada, are enough evidence to indict him as a confessed terrorist. There is no doubt today that the true intention was to prevent the details of his criminal actions under CIA orders from becoming public. A new smoke screen was raised last November 6 when the US Government filed an appeal to the Federal Court to release Posada Carriles. This act constitutes a new maneuver to disguise the guilt of the confessed international terrorist.”

Ambassador Diaz subsequently mentions Orlando Bosch, who “also enjoys freedom in Miami, while he makes public statements bragging about his numerous terrorist acts against the Cuban people,” and Ambassador Diaz then describes terrorist organizations operating in Miami and elsewhere in the USA , recruiting, training and funding terrorists planning terrorist actions against Cuba . Ambassador Diaz refers to Security Council resolution 1373, which calls upon all States to refrain from organizing, instigating, assisting or participating in terrorist acts in another State or acquiescing in organized activities within its territory directed towards the commission of such acts, while at the same time requests that any person participating in such acts is brought to justice. Ambassador Diaz then states: “Does this not apply to the United States?"

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