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Sarkozy completes mission to free child abductors in Chad;

Suspicions abound in deal

Dec 30, 2007

Sarkozy completes mission to free child abductors in Chad;
Suspicions abound in case

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who WMR previously reported has close links to the Zoe’s Ark (l’Arche de Zoe) group, suspected by French law enforcement and Interpol authorities of being involved in the trafficking of children, finally succeeded in freeing six French members of the group from a Chad prison. The six French citizens were sentenced by a Chad court to eight years of hard labor for attempting to kidnap 103 Chadian children from their families in eastern Chad. Zoe’s Ark falsely claimed the children were war orphans from Darfur, across the Chad border in Sudan.
The French citizens were aided in the attempted kidnapping by a Sudanese intermediary and Chadian accomplices, including local government officials. It is also noteworthy that French military peace keepers in Chad provided logistical support to Zoe’s Ark in Chad. Eric Breteau, the leader of Zoe’s Ark, said the Sarkozy government « knew from the start » its plans to transfer the 103 children from Chad to France.
Just prior to leaving France for a state visit to the United States and while mired in a messy divorce with his wife Cecilia, Sarkozy jetted off to Chad on November 4, 2007, to seek the release of the French Zoe’s Ark members and four Spanish flight attendants and a Belgian pilot. Chad previously released the Spaniards and the Belgian pilot. On November 6, Sarkozy announced that he would seek the release of the French Zoe’s Ark members, who operated under the contrivance of « Children’s Rescue » in Chad, regardless of what crimes they committed. That comment incensed Chadian officials and placed Sarkozy clearly in the camp of not only defending and supporting the later-convicted child traffickers but providing moral support to child traffickers in general.
The six Zoe’s Ark members were transferred upon their arrival at Paris’ Le Bourget Airport to Fresnes Prison, near Paris. They will face a French magistrate who may commute their Chad hard labor sentences to mere prison terms because France does not sentence convicts to hard labor. Sarkozy, as president, has the power to pardon the six Zoe’s Ark members or reduce their prison sentences.
Not only has Zoe’s Ark been linked to Sarkozy and the Elysee Palace but Sarkozy’s Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, has also been connected to Zoe’s Ark. Kouchner who founded the humanitarian groups Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World, reportedly knew of Quai d’Orsay (French Foreign Ministry) classified reports on the illegal activities of Zoe’s Ark but failed to take appropriate action. Zoe’s Ark has also been linked to the extraction of children from Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia following the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004 and the adoption of Cambodian orphans.
The Cambodian connection is significant. WMR previously reported on the involvement of top U.S. diplomats in Southeast and South Asia in the trafficking of children for prostitution. Cambodian orphanages have been repeatedly preyed upon by the traffickers who offer lucrative financial support to the orphanages in return for a « wink and a nod » to dubious activities involving orphans.
In one case, a Cambodian orphanage had its funds cut off after the director complained about young boys being invited to « parties » where alcohol was served and pornographic videos were played. The orphanage’s close proximity to Phnom Penh International Airport made it a popular stop for traveling VIP pedophiles who were able to transit Cambodia without clearing immigration or customs, thus not leaving a travel record.
The funders of the particular orphanage who cut off their philanthropic support to the orphanage have close ties with top members of the Bush administration, including Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte and U.S. ambassador to Thailand Ralph « Skip » Boyce. It was Boyce who arranged for John Mark Karr’s hasty departure from Bangkok after his arrest on sex charges unrelated to the Jon Benet Ramsey case.
The Ramsey story was concocted by the CIA station chief in Bangkok to pressure Thai authorities to quickly release Karr who was then flown to the United States in business class on Thai International Airways.
Until October 2004, Boyce served as US ambassador to Indonesia, where there were reports that children used as prostitutes by VIPs were subsequently murdered to silence any potential witnesses. A reliable American source in Jakarta told WMR that caves containing the skeletal remains of children have been discovered in Bali.
The reactions of the CIA station chief in Bangkok and Boyce to Karr’s arrest were very similar to Sarkozy’s reaction to the arrest of the Zoe’s Ark members in Chad. Both appeared to be an exercise in high-level damage control in order to protect a much larger and darker secret.
Although Sarkozy likes to brag that he has most French journalists « in his briefcase » (a result of the conglomeration of the French media by tycoons allied to Sarkozy), some French media outlets have reported on the close relationship between Zoe’s Ark’s number two leader, Stephanie Dhainault-Lefebvre, of Paris Biotech Sante, a semi-public medical research firm, and Dr. Francois Sarkozy, a pediatrician who is also a director of Paris Biotech Sante. Francois Sarkozy is the brother of Nicolas Sarkozy. Francois Sarkozy is involved in the testing of bio-pharmaceuticals on human subjects. AIDS- and cancer-treating pharmaceuticals are of particular interest to Francois Sarkozy and Paris Biotech Sante.
The possibility that Sarkozy, who has infuriated African leaders with his racist rhetoric, may have been providing cover for the use of African child test subjects by his brother’s Big Pharma friends cannot be ruled out.
Sarkozy, on his first tour of Africa after being elected President, decided to launch into a racist diatribe in Dakar, Senegal. In a speech, Sarkozy said « the African man has not sufficiently become part of history. » He said the African peasant cannot conceive of « human adventure [nor] the idea of progress. » The Senegalese students at Cheik Anta Diop University were shocked and disgusted by Sarkozy’s racist rant. Sarkozy’s feelings about black Africans were quickly transmitted through the continent.
During 2005 riots by young Muslims in Paris, Sarkozy, then the Interior Minister, called the Muslim youth racaille, the French word for « scum. »
Many Africans, particularly Muslims, are wary of Sarkozy’s Jewish connections, both in France and in Israel. In late November 2007, Algerian Veterans Affairs Minister Mohammed Cherif Abbes cited these suspicions among Muslim Africans when he stated, prior to Sarkozy’s visit to Algiers, that it should not be forgotten that Sarkozy’s mother is of « Greek Sepharic Jewish descent » and that the « Jewish Lobby » elected Sarkozy president. Abbes also said Sarkozy’s selection of Socialist leader Bernard Kouchner as his Foreign Minister in a conservative government resulted from « the advice of the real architects of Sarkozy’s rise to power, the Jewish lobby which has the monopoly over industry in France. » Kouchner’s father is Jewish.
At about the same time Abbes leveled his charges against Sarkozy, Le Figaro reported that Sarkozy had allegedly been a longtime « sayan » (collaborator) of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad. Le Figaro reported that French police had been investigating an e-mail sent to some 100 top French civil servants during the presidential election campaign that described Sarkozy’s work for the Mossad since 1983. Several of Sarkozy’s top Jewish supporters were also named in the e-mail as Mossad agents.
The possible use of Chadian children, all Muslims, as « guinea pigs » for French medical tests and pharmaceutical experimentation involving Sarkozy’s brother has done little to improve Sarkozy’s image in Africa. And Sarkozy’s close links to the United States has resulted in deeper suspicions about America’s military foray, through the auspices of the Pentagon’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), into the continent.
Africans are rightly suspicious of Western medical interests. Africans in Chad, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso have boycotted Western-administered polio vaccines fearing a plot by Western interests against African people. In March 2000, a cancer researcher at South Africa’s Witwatersrand University was fied after administering dangerously high chemotherapy dosages to unsuspecting black breast cancer patients. Doctors in Zimbabwe and Zambia have been convicted for administering lethal doses of morphine and potassium to black patients. And the South African and Rhodesian governments routinely subjected blacks to chemical and biological weapons, including anthrax. South Africa’s secret Project Coast oversaw the administering of injecting over 200 black South Africans and Namibians with lethal poisons. Much of apartheid South Africa’s bio-war weapons and research files were transferred to the U.S. Army’s biological warfare research center in Fort Detrick, Maryland.
In addition, Sarkozy, Kouchner, and the new International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the one-time Socialist rival to Segolene Royal for the presidential nomination, who is also Jewish, and whose bid to head the IMF was supported by Sarkozy, have all cozied up to Rwanda’s dictator Paul Kagame, a darling of the Holocaust Museum sponsors in Washington. Kagame has made a name for himself claiming he and Rwanda’s Tutsis were the victims of a genocide involving French and Belgian interests.
Sarkozy and Kouchner have already discounted Kagame’s role in the 1994 shooting down of the Rwandan presidential aircraft, an incident that triggered the Rwandan genocide. French counter-terrorism Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere’s extensive report on the role of Kagame and his American covert sponsors in the attack has been largely retracted by the Sarkozy government. This editor, whose book « Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999 » concluded that Kagame and the United States was involved in the aerial assassinations of the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, testified before Bruguiere’s judicial panel in Paris about the American role in the double assassination.

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