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soviet style air travel rules usa


Soviet America travel controls

Oct 14, 2007

October 15, 2007 -- Soviet America travel controls
America’s neocons, many of whose parents and grandparents hailed from Trotskyite, Bolshevik, and fascist cells in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, as well as « whites only » districts in apartheid South Africa and large estates in Batista’s Cuba, have instituted a travel regime that was a standard characteristic of the Soviet Union, the Communist bloc, and apartheid South Africa: internal travel controls and intimidation. The attachment of the neocons to distinctly un-American and alien ethics and credos, such as internal travel controls, has not received enough attention in the American media. Instead, we are fed the notion by the corporate press that domestic travel controls are all part of the « new normal » following 9/11.
Last week, the AFL-CIO complained that U.S. domestic political commissar Michael Chertoff’s Homeland Security Department has asked the European Union to provide details on the union membership details of European travelers to the United States in « exceptional cases. » The information will be screened by the Customs and Border Protection Service’s Automated Targeting System.
Internal American travel controls: From Russia with
Neocon Love
Chertoff and his predecessor Tom Ridge have shown that the actual purpose of the Homeland Gestapo’s passenger screening system is to impose barriers to domestic and international travel on critics of the Bush administration. The latest to experience the political machinations of commissar Chertoff is former Mexican President Vicente Fox.
After saying that George W. Bush is the « cockiest guy I have ever met in my life, » that Bush was afraid to ride a horse during a visit to Fox’s ranch in Leon, that Bush tried to railroad Fox into supporting the American invasion of Iraq, that Bush is a « windshield cowboy, » that Bush has a grade school level command of the Spanish language, that Bush struts like he has a « watermelon under each arm, » and that he never thought a guy like Bush would be elected president, the Chertoff domestic security star chamber got its revenge.
Fox, his wife, and an aide were traveling throughout the United States on a tour to promote Fox’s new book, Revolution of Hope. Fox’s wife had her toothpaste and skin creams confiscated at the security checkpoint at Philadelphia airport. Fox told the Washington Post the plane trip from Philadelphia to Washington, DC took five, a trip that would have been faster by car.
Fox told the Post, « there was no explanation why we have this delay, there was no apology because of the delay . . . I mean, I would like to see President Clinton coming to Mexico and see if we treat him like that! »
However, Fox is just the latest of a long list of Bush critics who have been harassed and hassled at American airports.
In June 2002, former Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and de jure President of the United States Al Gore was frisked and had his cabin baggage searched at Washington National Airport before boarding a flight to Milwaukee. On his return flight to Washington, Gore was searched again. Last March, American Airlines extended Gore and his staff the courtesy of bypassing security controls at Nashville Airport only to be escorted by an airport security officer back through the screening area.
Michigan veteran Democratic Representative John Dingell was forced to drop his pants at National Airport in January 2002. His artificial hip was determineded to pose a security threat.
Princeton Emeritus Professor Walter F. Murphy, a scholar of the U.S. Constitution, was told by American Airlines personnel that he was on the Terrorist Watch List likely because of an anti-Bush speech he gave at Princeton. Murphy, a decorated Korean War Marine Corps veteran, was told by an airline agent that his bags would be « ransacked » before he would be allowed to board the aircraft.
Massachusetts Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy was stopped and questioned at various East Coast airports five times because his name appeared on the Bush administration’s secret « no fly » list. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro was said to be on a secret « Red list » and detained and strip searched at John F. Kennedy Airport in September 2005. After telling officers who he was, Maduro was treated worse. He even got a full body cavity search from the kind of perverted police officer who can easily make one’s blood curdle.
Many lesser known political opponents of the Bush regime have received similar treatment. Recently, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had the temerity to lecture Russia’s government on civil and human rights. However, it is not the Russian government that is imposing Soviet-style travel controls. That distinction belongs to the Trotskyite, Bolshevik, and fascist neocon descendants of the stetls, ghettos, and collectives of Eastern Europe, the Russian steppes, the whites-only townships of South Africa, and the granjas del estado of Cuba who now permeate the United States government at all levels. They have now introduced to America an internal travel system that would have been the envy of the Russian Czars, Joseph Stalin, Fulgencio Batista, and South Africa’s apartheid government.

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